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At Mertal Family Partners we support entrepreneurs, sponsors, and search funds to build exceptional companies.  We provide capital, strategic resources, and hard work to help all stakeholders benefit from shared success.

What makes us different

  • We invest our own money, allowing flexibility and efficient decision making 

  • We invest for the long-term, not a quick flip

  • We have the flexibility to take an active or passive role in each company we back

  • We are focused on growth and business building, not cutting costs 

  • We are team players dedicated to a culture of partnership and shared success for all stakeholders 



Andrew is the Managing Partner of Mertal and founded the firm in 2017. In this capacity, Andrew sits on the board of Metro Vein Centers and previously sat on the board of UPAuto Group. Prior to Mertal, Andrew was an investment professional at Blackstone Capital and subsequently Gamut Capital. Andrew has also spent time at Goldman Sachs and Barclays Capital. Andrew graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University where he was captain of the triathlon team.

Andrew Provost


Active Investments

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Metro Vein Centers provides treatments for varicose veins, spider veins, and other superficial venous conditions. The company operates 14 locations across 3 states.

The Skin Center is a leading medical spa, and cosmetic surgery. The company maintains seven locations in Pittsburgh and Columbus.

Two Hat is an AI-powered content moderation software that classifies and filters human interactions across gaming and social platforms. 

Wolin Design Group provides warehouse management software solutions to the logistics, distribution and inventory management industries. 

Skill Lync provides online, project based advanced engineering courses for engineering students

Pacific Shoring is one of the leading manufacturers of shoring equipment in the United States.

Active Search Funds

We back entrepreneurs looking to acquire and grow small businesses  

Randy Burns | Buffalo Point Partners 

Kasra Hedayatnia | Emerson Capital

Brad Gulbrandsen | Northrim Horizon



Nate Abede | Rockpoint Capital 

Narayan Raj | Teak Partners  




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